• Are you Tired? Sick? Overweight? Lack Energy? 

    Do you wish you could look and feel years younger?

    Then unlock the power of fresh all-natural 100% organic life-enhancing juices found in each bottle of Life In A Bottle! 

    Because you are worth it!  

    Our Juices comes in 8 oz and 16 oz 

    tamper-proof bottles:

    8 oz bottle cost $3.50 each or 

    2 8 oz bottles cost $6.00 

    16 oz bottle cost $7.00 each or

    2 16 oz bottles for $12.00 

    We also have 32 oz Ready Packs for $6.50 each (just put it in your juicer, stir or shake & enjoy!)

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  • About Us & What We Do

    Thank you for visiting our website! We look forward to serving you at the Gainesville Gym Farmer's Market on Sundays

    from 2pm -5 pm or feel free to place an order right here at our online store or order by calling or texting: (352) 226-1346

    Willie Robinson 

    CEO & Manager of Life In A Bottle, LLC

    Willie Robinson is a Master Gardener and Landscape Designer that was born with a green thumb, everything he puts in the ground grows and flourish. He is also a lover of nature, gardening, cooking, and creating fresh and organic vegetables, fruits, and spices into delicious, nutritious, and healthy juices.

    He is well-known in Gainesville, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, and surrounding cities because he is a firm believer in customer satisfaction and friendship. He has the ability to determine what vegetables, fruits, and spices to blend together to make our Life in A Bottle juices unique, healthy, and delicious.

    He is very health conscious and is still in very good health, strong, active, and full of vitality at the age of 68-years-old. His hobbies include working out every day, cooking, gardening, landscaping, reading, and teaching the bible, writing, repairing almost anything, and putting things together, riding his motorcycle and enjoying each day to the fullest!

    Sylvia Robinson Hawkins

    Administrator and Certified Food Protection Manager

    Sylvia is also a lover of nature, fresh vegetables, fruits, and spices. She is a Certified Natural Health Consultant, has a bachelor’s degree in Allied Health Management, a master’s degree in Health Administration and is pursuing a DBA degree specializing in Health Administration at Northcentral University.

    Her hobbies are crocheting and sewing, reading and listening to the bible, researching, reading weekly resources, and completing her weekly school assignments.

    She loves to eat and consume healthy, fresh, organic nutritious foods and juices. And she also enjoys good health and living each day to the fullest!


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    Come for a free sample of our 100% natural and organic fruit, vegetables and spice Life In A Bottle Juices located at the Gainesville Fitness Center Pavillion Farmer's Market every Sunday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

    We look forward to seeing and meeting you there!

    Email: lifeinabottle247@gmail.com

    Look for our Farmer's Market Life In A Bottle Display

    Phone: (352) 614-1677 or Text: (352) 226-1346

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